A Look at 2024

I can’t believe it’s already halfway through the month of January before I finally had a chance to sit down and write this. I had intended on sharing with you all the cool things and a cover reveal, but I don’t know what happened. Christmas break was not as productive as I had hoped it would be, but my mind and body really needed the rest. Anyway, before we get to the cover reveal and the upcoming novella. I wanted to share a little bit about 2023 and a look at 2024.

Last year was crazy productive for me. There was a huge mindset shift during the summer and I am riding the waves into 2024, so we shall see what we accomplish this year. It’s been a bumpy ride, but I’m excited to see where this will take me. So without further ado:


  • I finished writing the fourth book to my new dragon series. I’ve already started on the revisions!
  • I created 49 premade ebook covers. Some I’m pretty excited about, a few I don’t think should see the light of day. Ha! I have a handful left I need to finish.
  • I created three commissioned covers.
  • I created three new covers for The Hidden Dagger Trilogy, All new covers for the short stories, a new novella cover and a new Tales of Nälu paperback cover.
  • AND I read 27 books this year! Granted, they were mostly cozy mysteries which tend to be on the shorter side.

One of the things I worked on during Christmas break was my new vision board. Y’all. I haven’t done one of those in YEARS. I am just so thankful and humbled to be at this place in my journey. So that was huge and took me a long time.

Anyway. For 2024. For the first time in a long, long time, I have ideas, dreams, and vision again. But I’m not very good at breaking them down into small actionable steps. Life has a way of sweeping the rug out from beneath my feet when I do that. So I hold my goals loosely. That said…

  • I plan to keep working on my dragon series. Polishing it up and getting it ready for publication!
  • I really want to dive into my murder mystery series. National Novel Writing Month perhaps?
  • Read more!
  • Been thinking about making audiobooks for The Hidden Dagger trilogy.
  • Create more art
  • Be intentional with my kiddos. Y’all. They are growing up way too fast!
  • Finish out this semester at work well.

Now onto what’s coming up!

I am releasing Clans Divided as an ebook in February!

Some of you might remember the novella as a gift I had given to my newsletter subscribers and now I’m sharing it with the world.

Find it on Amazon!


Coming this spring!

Explore the World of Nälu

Visit the underwater world of the merfolk and get up close with their dragons. Meet the feline-shapeshifters of the desert and their cousins to the north. See the hidden city of the highland dwarves or catch a glimpse of the elusive elves of Striisa Vaar.

This collection of tales consists of four short stories, a novella, plus a deleted scene from the original opening of Secrets Kept.

Go Deeper

Set years before the events in The Hidden Dagger Trilogy, these stories delve into pivotal moments that would later influence nations and bring about the attack on the Guardian Circle, launching the battle for Nälu.

 I hope to have a date soon! I know some of you have been asking when all the short stories would be published in paperback form, and the time has finally come! 

That about wraps up the progress report and looking at 2024. We shall see what the new year will bring. Have a great week! 


2 thoughts on “A Look at 2024

  1. Kessie says:

    Oh wow, I’m so glad to see you creating again! I’m super curious about this dragon series! I’m wearily slogging through the final book of my superhero fantasy series and I’m soooooo ready to just be done with it. But my son is asking for a teen spinoff series and … I might just have to oblige him. 😀

    1. jlmbewe says:

      Awe, thank you! How many books are in that series again? Having someone like your son asking for a spin-off is great encouragement, but I can understand just wanting to be done with it. I was getting like that with the story world of Nälu. I didn’t want to read it or write in it again. But now that I’ve had a few years away from it, I’ve fallen in love with the stories and the world again, and maybe I’d consider writing the pre-trilogy and post-trilogy that I had planned, but for now, I am excited to explore other characters and their stories. I’ve got so many that I want to write. Ha!

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