R is for Ruwachs

​Ruwachs. The fiery messengers of Zohar. Servants of Vitkuko, the Shadow God, and of Arius, the keeper of the keys and silver threads. Their bodies are like crystal and fire, fluid yet unyielding. They can take on any form they wish, but you will never find one without another.

Some fear them, saying they are the harbinger of death and destruction. Others worship them for no words spoken by a Ruwach returns void.

The most famous of all the Ruwachs is Raezana, the beautiful, glorious being who fell in love with a mere mortal. A love forbidden, but another desire burned more passionately within her. To build the greatest empire of all. Other Ruwachs joined her and a great battle ensued until the land broke in two, ripping a chasm so deep it punctured the very fabric separating life and death. The Abyss.

But then that’s where the trees’ memories become hazy. Was Raezana bound in the depths of the Abyss, a prisoner in the Underworld? Or did she become Taethza, the Queen of the Underworld?

Nowadays, Ruwachs no longer walk among the nations as they once did. Instead they remain hidden. Some guard secrets, others observe, all of them waiting for the final battle that will bring about the end of Nälu. I’m sure, we’ll see more of them in the stories to come.