Curse Bound Blog Tour Kick-Off

Happy Monday y’all!

It’s TIME! Today is the day! Unicorn Quester is kicking off the Curse Bound Blog Tour. 

We will have interviews, an interview with a certain elf, some posts on some of the places we’ll visit in this book as well as a bit about the music you’d find visiting Nälu. Just to give you an idea of what’s to come. 

Oh, and a few of the characters as My Little Pony. Long story. But you’ll have to wait until later! For the complete list of participating blogs and topics to come, keep scrolling!

AND don’t forget about the launch party this Thursday!!!

Blog Tour Schedule

Blog Tour Schedule

Monday, July 8th  

Tuesday, July 9th  

Wednesday, July 10th 

Thursday, July 11th 

Friday, July 12th 

Saturday, July 13th 

Sunday, July 14th