Same Season, New Mindset

Pictured is my planner and word for the year. Perseverance. Very fitting for this season.

Hello dear readers, writers, and friends,

It’s been two years! Two years since I’ve last updated this blog.

I wish I could say the season I had entered was over. It’s not. Yet it feels different. Of course, this is me having a month off of work. Ha!

But there’s been a shift. As I shared in my newsletter, this past year I’ve realized that this “season” will never be over. Deep down, I had wanted this season to end by me going back to what once was. But that’s not how seasons work. It’s a forward progression, not a returning. I have struggled so much during this time, and not just these past two years. Seven years. I was in survival mode, waiting, hoping for this mythical moment that would never come. I allowed it to steal time away from me, time from family and friends that I will never get back.   But this  soul-sucking, time-stealing journey is what brought me here. 

You can’t wait until life isn’t hard anymore before you decide to be happy.” -Jane Marczewski, aka Nightbirde, on “America’s Got Talent.

I cannot just survive, waiting until this season ends before I start living again. My babies are teenagers now. Ack! Few more years they’ll be off on their own adventures. God, help me! I’m so not ready for that. Ha! I have stories burning inside my soul to be told. But I have been writing. I will always be writing, what will come from it remains to be seen. 

As I have accepted this season and the death of what was and what I had been longing for, I realized I am being ushered into something new. Or at least a fresh perspective on my current season. In some ways I feel like I’ve leveled up and unlocked new features for this season. I suppose the boss fights will get even harder now. Isn’t that how it goes? Ha!

Anyways, I can’t make any promises of how active I will be on here. Especially with school/work about to start back up in August. But I’ve got some exciting things planned this fall with Secrets Kept’s 10th anniversary coming. Plus I am so close to finishing the first draft of book four of my dragon series.  The Silmaril awards will be coming soon, and I will be one of the bloggers hosting them. 

Busy times, but I will persevere. 

Until then, go have an adventure, read a book!


4 thoughts on “Same Season, New Mindset

  1. Kessie says:

    I was just thinking about you and wondering how you’ve been. Sometimes we just have to bloom where we’re planted, you know? I’ve been having some struggles, too, but then, that’s life, and Jesus never promised us an easy ride. 😀

    1. jlmbewe says:

      So true! Thank you so much for stopping by. Are you still blogging? “Bloom where you’re planted.” It’s funny how that used to be my mantra many, many years ago, and how I forgot it. I got steamrolled and forgot a lot of things. Ha!

      1. Kessie says:

        Yep, the ol’ blog is still rolling! If you pop on by, you can see the various dumb things I think about, like my quest to find books featuring a male healer as the MC. Do you know how rare main character male healers are??? Girl healers are a dime a dozen, but never dudes!

        1. jlmbewe says:

          I will definitely stop by! I am trying to remember Minor’s book, Curse Bearer. Doesn’t Danae meet an elf who is a healer of sorts? BUT then you said, main character. That is so interesting. Now I want to see if I can find one. Ha!

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