Short Story: A Princess No More

Oh my goodness. This character is one of my favorites. Tirza Jathil of Arashel. Feline-shapeshifter (snow leopard variety). She is the first born of the King of Arashel, and to determine the mate of the future queen of Arashel, contestants must compete in a game to the death. Unless they can return with the pelt of the white bear of the north. Unfortunately, one of the contestants have already won her heart. Tirza has no idea how her choices and actions will affect all of Nälu one day. 

Readers have shared how much they have enjoyed this story and wonder if her story will continue. And yes, yes it does. We meet her in Darkened Hope, and wow, y’all, her story comes full circle in Curse Bound.  And she becomes one of the main characters in a future trilogy. If I decided to pursue that one.

Her theme song is Bad Blood by Taylor Swift. While I was writing this story, I first heard Bad Blood, and I was like THIS is her song!