The Tales of Nälu is here!

The Tales of Nälu: The Complete Collection is here!

Many of you have asked when these short stories would be in print, and I am so excited to be able to say today is that day!

Today marks the closing of one chapter in my writing journey, making way for a new one. One I cannot wait to share more about, but that will come all in good time. For now, we celebrate this moment. 


Explore the World of Nälu

Visit the underwater world of the merfolk and get up close with their dragons. Meet the feline-shapeshifters of the desert and their cousins to the north. See the hidden city of the highland dwarves or catch a glimpse of the elusive elves of Striisa Vaar.

This collections of tales consists of four short stories, a novella, plus a deleted scene from the original opening of Secrets Kept.

Go Deeper
Set years before the events in The Hidden Dagger Trilogy, these stories delve into pivotal moments that would later influence nations and bring about the attack on the Guardian Circle and the rest of Nälu.

Find it here!