Curse Bound

"Curse Bound is powerfully emotional . . . J. L. Mbewe’s writing is absolutely breathtaking. The world building is incredible. I could see the scenes perfectly in my mind, and this helped the realistic feel, even as a fantasy. I love when fantasy is written so well, you forget it isn’t real! That takes talent, and Mbewe certainly has that!"
Jessica Belmont
Amazon Review
Curse Bound (Hidden Dagger, #3)

The Hidden Dagger Trilogy
Book Three

Kael’s worst fears have come true. Betrayal has shaken the Guardian Circle, the High Guardian is dead, and Ayianna and Prince Vian are in the hands of the Sorceress, but he and his companions must finish their quest, before they can attempt a rescue mission. Unfortunately, Desmond’s parting gift left them stranded on the western cliffs of Nälu.

Jathil, once heir to the throne of Arashel, believes her father will aid them, but first she must face the crimes of her past. When she does, she could never believe the outcome, nor the rippling effect it would have on the nations.Meanwhile the Alliance braces for war, but division threatens to undermine their efforts. When Nerissa returns from Ganya with the dragon regiment, she discovers a bigger problem. The curse bound are waking up. 

As the quest nears completion, Kael is forced to choose between his heart and duty, and neither choice bodes well with him. Either way, he will face the Sorceress and her armies sooner or later. The battle for Nälu has begun and there can be only one victor.

The worldbuilding remains detailed and vibrant, expanding more and more, and is always fully and uniquely constructed. The writing is consistently rich and beautiful.Overall, this is a really solid trilogy.
The Quirky Book Nerd
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