Darkened Hope

"Darkened Hope is everything a second book in a series must be: suspenseful, fast-moving, and by turns, hopeful and despairing."
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"Fantastic read. Thoroughly enjoyed. Can't wait for book three!"
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Hidden Dagger Trilogy
Book Two

The Secret Keeper is on the run, but does she know the secret she keeps?

Ayianna is a cursed half-elf betrothed to Desmond, but her heart belongs to another. After discovering the cure for the Sorceress’s curse, she and her companions embark on a dangerous quest to retrieve the ingredients.

When dragons descend upon their party, Ayianna realizes the Sorceress is searching not just for the corrupted dagger, but a human sacrifice that will open a portal to the underworld. Battling deadly creatures and natural disasters, Ayianna is forced more and more to confront her insecurities and conflicted heart.

Now she must decide whether to be true to her family or true to herself. As the nations rally for war, betrayal threatens to destroy them all, and it’s a race against time to return before the curse devastates the plains people.

Darkened Hope (The Hidden Dagger, #2)

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