A Tale of Nälu
Short story #3

To what lengths would you go to the save the world?

Elothryn keeps the darkest secret of Nälu: The cursed dagger of Raemoja. A weapon powerful enough to release the greatest evil from the underworld. For generations, his family has lived without incident until now. The hunters have his scent and will stop at nothing to reclaim the dagger. Elothryn and his son flee, seeking help, but will they find it?

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"This was my favorite of the three Tales of Nalu! It is a story of courage and determination. The author creates a suspenseful journey in a short time period and draws you close to the main characters. (Who happen to be elves. How cool is that?) There's a bit of violence, blood and death, but nothing too gory. And while this story is again sad, it also has a note of hope to it. I think this one especially is a must-read before Secrets Kept. :)"
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